Carthage Union Church


Welcome.  Pastor Ken records his messages from our Sunday services and our evening services.  

Here are a few Sermons from 2014 for you to enjoy.

How to Pray

78-Praying for Ourselves.wma

80-Praying for One Another.wma

Keeping the Marriage Bed pure

79-Keeping the marriage bed pure part 1.wma

79-Keeping the Marriage Bed Pure part 2.wma


81-Our Daily Duties.wma

82-The Fading Voice of God.wma

83-A Call to Defend our people.wma

84-Come Celebrate Jesus.wma

85-What Faith in God can do for you.wma

86-What the Resurrection of Jesus means.wma

87-A Personal Confirmation of a Call to Duty.wma

88-Long Live the King.wma

89-What is Faith.wma