Carthage Union Church

Pastor Ken's thoughts and leadership

Pastor Ken and Linda Hinkley

Pastor Ken Hinkley is a 1993 graduate of New England Bible College in South Portland, ME with a B.S. in biblical studies. He and his wife, Linda have raised three children and have two grandchildren.

Pastor Ken has been in the ministry for thirty years, serving for ten years at the Stow (ME) Baptist Church, the Dixfield Common Baptist Church (since 2003) and now doing double duty with us here at Carthage.

Ken and Linda are retired and spend their time serving the Carthage Union Church as Pastor and the Dixfield Common Baptist Church as Pastor and help Linda serve the community with the food pantry.,

Pastor Ken has had a life-long interest in reading and writing. He has written Modus Operandi, a self-published workbook for ministry leaders as well as several unpublished manuscripts for short stories, skits and poetry. He is the author of The Journey of a Heart a collection of poetry that traces the many stages of love and loyalty in the heart of an American woman. Ken continues to write and his most recent book is Heavenly Sunlight.

From the   Pastor-----

Dear Friends,

Lord knows we will have trials enough as representatives of the true and living God. If we can remove one such object of pressure on ourselves, why not do that and live with a free conscience that we are indeed good citizens.

Pastor Ken